Denver City Council District 5 Neighborhoods

Virginia Vale

Located just south of Leetsdale Blvd., Virginia Vale is a lovely east Denver Community. Virginia Vale is close to the enclave of Glendale, and people in the community can easily walk to the park or to major shopping districts. It is home the Guatemalan Consulate, Mexican Consulate, and Peruvian Consulate.

Are You a Virginia Vale Neighbor?

Virginia Vale has an irregular boundary line, but can generally be defined as South of Alameda, North of Cherry Creek South Drive, and East of Quebec. Denver's District 5 ends at Tennessee Avenue, just north of McMeen Elementary School. The remaining part of Virginia Vale is located in Denver's District 6.

Education in Virginia Vale

McMeen Elementary School


Denver Police Department District 3

1625 S. University Blvd.

Denver, CO 80210

Phone: 720.913.1300*

Denver Fire Station 19

Phone: 303.295.4409*

*The numbers listed are the non-emergency numbers. Please always call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Parks & Recreation

Garland Park

Virginia Vale Swim Club 

Want to Learn More?

You can find out more through the Virginia Vale website or the Virginia Vale Community Association.

Garland Park is a great place for a bike ride or walk along the Cherry Creek Trail in Virginia Vale.

Garland Park is a great place for a bike ride or walk along the Cherry Creek Trail in Virginia Vale.


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A Voice for Families in Denver

Denver City Council Candidate Amanda Sawyer is raising her family here. Vote for her in May 2019

Amanda is raising her family in Denver, so she understands the challenges that face families here.

A Thoughtful Approach to Development

Amanda Sawyer is a candidate without ties to big developers in Denver.

Amanda believes that we can develop our city and solve our housing crisis without sacrificing what makes each neighborhood unique.

Present & Responsive Representation

Amanda Sawyer, Candidate for Denver City Council May 2019 will be responsive to traffic concerns

Amanda believes that we deserve a representative who is responsive to issues like traffic and crime.

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