Amanda Sawyer: What I stand for


A Voice For Us

We live in the best city in the world. The suburban-urban character of East Denver's neighborhoods make it the perfect place to raise a family. We have the amenities of the suburbs, but we live  just minutes from world-class museums, restaurants, sports teams and more. Our sense of community is strong. But it is becoming more and more difficult for families to stay in Denver. The cost of living is high. Heavy traffic and the lack of public transportation to our neighborhoods create long commute times for parents who work outside the city center. Many of us sacrifice to stay in Denver because we love it here. We need a leader who understands the unique challenges we face, and who will be an advocate for us -- not the special interests and political establishment. 

Putting Neighbors First

When it comes to affordable housing, we are a city in crisis. The cost of living here has skyrocketed. Our current City Council approves development projects without considering the effects on our neighborhoods like design aesthetic, population density, safety and traffic flow. There is a solution where we can maintain the unique character of our neighborhoods while also fulfilling our social responsibility to provide affordable housing throughout the city. But we need a Council representative free from the influence of deep pocketed special interests to take a thoughtful, measured look at current zoning laws and future projects. 

Getting Things Done

Traffic and crime are on the rise in our neighborhoods. We can't park our cars outside overnight because thieves break our car windows and attempt to enter our homes using the garage door openers. Auto theft rings are stealing our cars from our driveways in the middle of the night. Homeowner associations and individual homeowners are paying for private security firms to drive around their streets as a deterrent. And cars regularly speed through our neighborhoods putting our children's safety at risk. But we rarely see police officers patrolling our neighborhoods. As taxpayers, we have the right to expect responsiveness from the police. We need a Council representative who is present in the neighborhood and will be an advocate for our neighborhood safety. That's the only way we can make progress on the big issues facing our neighborhood. 

Supporting Local Business

Denver's economy is thriving. But some of our local District 5 neighborhoods are struggling with the loss of their neighborhood identity, which is a consequence of redevelopment and gentrification. We need a Council person who has an active presence in our district and will work to bring in new local small businesses to support these neighborhoods as they redefine their identities. 

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