Amanda Sawyer, Esq., MBA



My name is Amanda Sawyer, and I am running for Denver City Council because I am a leader who will bring strategic, long-term thinking to the issues that face our city and represent the voices of the people who live in our neighborhoods. 

To tell you a bit about myself, I am a licensed (although non practicing) attorney who also has an MBA and over a decade of experience in marketing, sales, entrepreneurship and business strategy.  You might recognize me as the candidate that has purple hair, which I always tell people says "I might drive a minivan but I still have my soul." I’ve lived in Colorado off and on since 1989, although my family and I returned here most recently in February 2016 because our oldest daughter was diagnosed with special needs, and we knew we needed to come home to the support of our family and friends. My dad and stepmom live up in the mountains part time. My mom lives over in Cherry Creek and my brother and his family live in Wash Park. Our kids attend DPS schools and are flourishing. We love this community. We live in the greatest city on the planet and are so grateful to be home!

One thing I am NOT, is a career politician. In fact, I never planned to run for office until I found myself already doing it. I  found out about a development possibly going in up the street from my house last year, and that's when I discovered the disconnect between the people who are making the decisions in our city and those of us who live in our neighborhoods. So I texted my husband and said "Would you call me crazy if I said I wanted to run for City Council?" And he said, "Yes. But I think you should do it anyway." And the rest is history.

Most importantly, I'm a neighborhood advocate. I'm not waiting to take action until after I am elected. I have been active in our community, working with neighbors like you:

  • Advocating for stoplights and crosswalks for our kids. 
  • Speaking out at City Council against building more luxury condos that don't fill a need for middle-income housing in our communities but add to our traffic and safety problems. 
  • Asking for meetings with big developers to find out how many mid-priced units they’re planning to put in their new buildings. 
  • Partnering with the City to close an illegally-operating short-term rental operating in our neighborhoods. 

And on City Council, I'll continue that work.

Our city is growing. Development is going to continue, but we have to be thoughtful about it. We must protect the character of our neighborhoods and make sure development fits the needs of the people who live here. It has to make sense for us. Otherwise, we are a city that is in danger of losing its soul.  And we are not going to find it in the pockets of big developers and special interests. It's in the spirit of the hardworking people of Denver, and the families that live here. 

Thank you for your support!

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