Amanda Sawyer, Esq., MBA



My name is Amanda Sawyer, and I am running for Denver City Council District 5 because I am a leader who will bring strategic, long-term thinking to the issues that face our city. 

I’ve been in and out of Colorado for about 30 years. My husband and I returned here a few years ago because our oldest daughter was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and we knew we needed to come home to the support of our family. My dad and stepmom live up in the mountains. My mom lives over in Cherry Creek and my brother and his family live next door in Wash Park. I love this community. We live in the greatest city on the planet! 

I never planned to run for office until I found myself already doing it. I had found out about a development possibly going in up the street from my house last year. And as I started asking questions, I discovered that there is a major disconnect between the people who are making the decisions in our city and those of us who live in the neighborhood. What I saw in our neighborhoods is a lack of leadership on city council. Our voices are not being heard. 

When I am elected, that's going to change. 

Our community is facing serious problems like affordable housing, and a lack of infrastructure, and wages that have not kept up with the cost of living in Denver. 

I’ll ask the tough questions. it’s too important not to. I’m not afraid to stand up to big developers and ask them how many affordable and mid-priced units they’re planning to put in their new buildings. Our city is growing. Development is going to happen, but we have to be smart about it. We must protect the character of our neighborhoods. Otherwise, we are a city that is in danger of losing its soul.  And we are not going to find it in the pockets of big developers and special interests. It's in the spirit of the hardworking people of Denver, and the families that live here.

Elect me. I’ll be a change agent and listen to the needs of our community and bring a long-term and strategic approach to our local government. 

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